Digital Footprint & Shadow IT Monitoring

Discover & Map your Applications & Services which are publicly exposed on the internet, intentionally or unintentionally

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“By 2020, a third of successful attacks experienced by enterprises will be on their shadow IT resources”​  -Gartner Security Predictions

What We Do?

Breached Credential

Identify leaked credentials available on internet (including dark web) and source of breach

Exposed Infrastructure

Identify publicly exposed IT infrastructure including Domains, Sub-Domains, IP Addresses, Mail Servers, DNS Records etc.

Exposed WebApps

Identify exposed web applications & websites. Helps identify resources which should not be publicly accessible, as well as get ownership related information.

Phishing Domains

Get a list of domains which closely resemble your organizations. This includes typo-squatting domains which might be used for phishing purposes.

DB Servers Monitoring

Discover exposed DB Servers & S3 Buckets (due to misconfigurations etc.), before the attackers do

Continuous Monitoring

FireShadows continuously analyses the internet, and provides alerts on any changes or risks associated with your digital footprint

FireShadows is the new way to define and secure organizations’ perimeters

FireShadows indexes the entire global internet to discover the unknown attack surface of an organization which is exposed on the internet. It creates an asset inventory of all your publicly exposed applications & services. This big picture is delivered via web-based software, APIs, and executive reporting.

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