Microsoft Office Sub-domain Takeover Vulnerability Affecting 400 Million Users

Security Researcher Sahad Nk recently discovered a string of webapp vulnerabilities in Microsoft (Office & Live Login System), that could allow an attacker to easily gain access to organizations emails and data on Office. Though individually the vulnerabilities were not severe, but when connected together could lead to critical data loss.… Read More

700K Amex Customer Data Exposed: What You Need To Know

A recently disclosed data leak impacts around 700,000 AmEx India customers, exposing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like Names, Emails & Telephone numbers. This leak highlights the perils of Shadow IT, and why organizations should look into building a continuous digital risk monitoring program. Here’s a brief on what you need to know:

What Was Exposed?

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Top 5 Benefits: Why Organisation Must Do CyberSecurity Maturity Assessment ?

How does Your Current CyberSecurity Posture looks like ? Where does your security strategy stand? What are your biggest risks? Where should you focus your efforts? Where do you stand with respect to your peers ? Why CyberSecurity Maturity Assessment ?

Majority of the answers for above questions for an organisation lies in its Cyber Security Maturity, and can easily be unfolded by security maturity assessment of an organisation.Read More

Top 4 Risks That Can Be Mitigated Through Digital Footprint Monitoring

Digital Footprint is the information about the organization that exists on the Internet as a result of their online activity. Organizations’ digital footprints are expanding and changing at a formidable rate. Employees, suppliers and other third-parties are exposing sensitive information without their knowledge. This sensitive data can leave organizations exposed and are used by attackers to exploit organizations.Read More

Top 5 Recommendation for Cybersecurity Benchmarking

Cybersecurity Benchmarking is a well-established practice among successful organizations, but the areas these organizations choose to benchmark have not always evolved with changing business concerns. The number of Cybersecurity threats across all industries around the world is increasing tremendously. Today’s organizations predominantly struggle with the protection of their aforementioned critical assets against these hazards.Read More

Business Impact Of COSMOS Bank Breach

Recently, you might have heard in news about COSMOS Bank Breach, a 112-year old cooperative bank in India and the second largest in the country being hacked and crores were siphoned off. COSMOS Bank has faced monetary  losses because of recently happened COSMOS Bank hack. And also they might have to face non-monetary losses like any other financial organisation post breach.Read More

How Missing Continuous Monitoring Makes Third-Party Risk Management Programs Ineffective

Many organizations have hundreds of vendors and the Third-Party risk exposure is one of the biggest threats. Most of the organizations depend upon partners, vendors, suppliers, contractors and other third-parties for day-to-day operations. Each of them presents some potential risk to the organization.

Third-Party Risk Management programs helps in assessing the cybersecurity of vendors/3rd parties that handle an organization’s sensitive data or have access to internal IT systems.Read More

6 Must-Know Facts About Shadow IT

Shadow IT refers to IT applications and infrastructure that are managed and utilized without the knowledge of the enterprise’s IT department. Shadow IT risks exists in most organizations but most IT leaders and CISOs underestimate about its reach. In this blog, we will uncover the important facts that every business leader should understand about Shadow IT. Read More