Enumerate Your Digital Footprint

Discover & Map your Applications & Services which are publicly exposed on the internet, intentionally or unintentionally

Exposed S3 Bucket

Exposed DB Servers & S3 Buckets


Discover exposed DB Servers & S3 Buckets (due to misconfigurations etc.), before the attackers do.


Exposed Applications

Exposed Applications & Websites


Identify exposed applications & websites, helps find inadvertently exposed applications.


Darkweb Intelligence

Exposed Documents & Files


Identify files & documents which are publicaly accessible, review & remove sensitive ones.


Exposed Internet Infrastructure


Identify publicly accessible internet infrastructure including DNS Names, Domains, IP Addresses etc.


Exposed Services


Fingerprint exposed services like APIs, FTP Servers etc.


Exposed Personnel Information

Exposed Personnel Information


Identify personnel data which is available freely on the internet, including email addresses, phone numbers etc.


Continuous Monitoring


Continuously monitor for unknown unknowns. Get differential reporting and prioritize findings.