Top 5 Benefits Of Analysing Enterprise Digital Footprints

Top 5 Benefits Of Analysing Enterprise Digital Footprints

As we have already talked about the digital enterprise digital footprint and how to manage it, Now we will emphasise on some of the benefits of analysing enterprise digital footprints :

Enterprises are generating a lot of data these days . It’s been estimated that, by 2020, firms will manage 28 zettabytes of data, and almost 11 zettabytes of that data will be generated by them. This is a lot of data to be managed for enterprises.


Benefits Of Analysing Enterprise Digital Footprints


1- Managing CyberSecurity Of An Organisation


Enterprises are focusing on the empowering their users which is causing other local departments like marketing to make purchase of IT infrastructure bypassing IT and security team. In turn, enterprises are exposing their digital attack surface with soft spot to target for attackers/hackers. Enterprise digital footprints help in identifying these soft targets, so that these can be secured.

2- Reduce The Wastage Of Resources


Cloud/SaaS has made it quite easy for other local departments to launch IT infrastructure  (Domains, Subdomains, Applications..etc) to fulfill their business need. This might cause the duplication of resources and creates a big inventory of unused resources. With enterprise digital footprint, one can create an inventory list of all of your digital assets and can reduce those which are unused, and reduce the extra cost coming to an enterprise.

3- Clearing The Clutter & Organising Resources


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As we have already told the amount of the data enterprises are generating is huge, and a lot of them is generated unintentionally. It creates a lot of difficulty in managing this huge inventory of digital assets effectively. Also legacy problem of no proper handover among IT/Security teams while leaving organisation causes a big pain point for new incharge.

With digital footprint, enterprise can map their digital assets, and organise them properly (reduce those which are unused or put them in use)

4- Employees Awareness And Policy Enforcement


Enterprise Digital Footprint will data related employee exposure. With the enterprise digital footprint, you can limit the activities of employees using corporate id in their personal social media accounts. You can educate employees about the misuse of the data they expose on internet which in turn will help enterprise in reducing their digital attack surface. You can create policies and suggest employees to adhere with them. Because once employees knows that they are being tracked, they will adhere to the policy there.

5- Increases Employees Effectiveness


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With the Enterprise Digital Footprint, you will come to know the activities employees are doing on internet. You can keep a check on the activities your staff is doing, or better let them know that you can check their daily activities. Like this, employees will be more focused towards the work related to enterprise than spending time on social media and other unproductive work at office hours.

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